I call upon Apollo as healer, Asclepias, Hygeia and Panaceia, and all the gods and goddesses, making them my judges, that I will fulfill to the best of my power and discernment this oath and this accord;

That I will  hold him who taught me this art as equal to my  parents, that I wilt share  his life, that I will share my  resources with him when  he is in need.

That I will hold his progeny  as equal  to my  brothers and teach them  this  art, if they ask to learn, without fee or contract,

That I will share  new instruction and  lecture and all the  remaining teachings with  my sons and  with the  sons  of my teacher and  with students who have been bound by contract and oath of medical  law, but  with no other.

I also will apply rules of life for the benefit of the sick according to my power and discernment to ward off harm and injustice.

I will not ever give a deadly drug, even if someone has asked for it, nor will I give instruction in this matter; likewise, I will not give abortive treatment to a woman; purely and according to the laws of nature will I oversee my life and my art.

I will not use the knife, not even on those with stones, but will leave it to practitioners of this skill. Into whatever houses I may go, I will enter for the benefit of the sick, being free from all willful injustice and any other destructive action, or seductive behavior towards the forms of women, free men or slaves.

Whatever I see or hear in the course of treatment or outside of treatment concerning the life of a patron, which must not be bruited about, I will not speak of, holding such things to be private.

While I fulfill my oath, and do not violate it, may I reap the joys of life and art and be glorified by men for all time; should I fall short may the opposite be my fate.

Translated from the Original Greek text

by Caroline Grey Ganz

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