The effort to educate the public to the Knowledge of various remedies for cancer began in 1990 and has garnered international attention and reached millions of people from all walks of life and career strengths.

A primary long range goal is to establish a highly refined clinic in a tropical paradise setting for the augmentation and facilitation of rapid revival and restoration of health.

Written by A. J. Collins, MD, circa 1848
adapted from the original letter posted by Dr. Michael Tierra

in May, 1848, the National Medical Association (Eclectic) was organized, and immediately proclaimed to the world, and inscribed it upon, their banner that “DISEASE WAS AN IMPAIRMENT OF LIFE,” and not an entity to be removed by violent and pernicious drugs, but rather by a conservative and supportive treatment. Dame Nature should be assisted back to health.

Eclectic Treatment

As the Irish man said, our medicines don’t “keep the patient sick four weeks after he gets well.”

The Allopath being the poorer marksman prefers the shotgun; the Eclectic, guided by his unerring law, takes the rifle.

The Eclectic is not obliged to resort to the disgusting “shot-gun” practice of the old-school doctor, in combining six to a dozen nauseous drugs in one prescription, but rather applies his remedies singly or in simple combination direct to the diseased part.

Our treatment is seldom unpleasant, safe, never followed by bad results, cures more surely, because, by treating the sick part directly without assaulting the physiological integrity of the healthy parts, “we husband all the life forces.”


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